Legal issues are difficult, but the appraisal process shouldn't be.

When an appraisal is needed for legal purposes, the process can be very sensitive.  Attorneys and accountants rely on Opteon when calculating home values for divorces, estates, and other disputes requiring a value being placed on real property. We provide appraisal reports that meet or exceed court and agency requirements.  Most importantly, we understand the complexity of legal issues and have expertise in dealing with all parties involved in the process. 

Order a legal appraisal from Opteon for any of the following:

  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Estate
  • Trust
  • Inheritance
  • Litigation Assistance





Real value of pre-listing appraisals.

An appraisal can make a break any real estate transaction. Even when a buyer and seller agree upon a purchase price, everyone is on pins and needles waiting for the appraisal.  Instead, hire an appraiser before you list a home for sale.  An appraiser can give you a completely unbiased, professional opinion of value on a home.  The appraisal report can assist homeowners and real estate agents in determining the right listing price to get a home sold for the most money, in the shortest time possible, while minimizing value issues during a transaction.

Contact Opteon for:

  • Pre-Listing - Full Appraisal
  • Pre-Listing - Desk Appraisal
  • Pre-Listing AVM w/ Comps




A small appraisal investment can lead to BIG savings!

Whether you are appealing a property tax or insurance assessment, need a relocation appraisal, or looking for a valuation of your current real estate assets, Opteon can provide the highest quality appraisal to ensure true value of your property.  Having an accurate appraisal can save you thousands of dollars!

Let Opteon assist you with:

  • Private Sales
  • Property Tax Appeal
  • Insurance/Replacement Cost Assessment
  • Relocation Appraisal
  • Individual Portfolio Analysis
  • Other